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From dark to light – by Haridas Patil


True stories are centered on simple people who always serve society without many expectations.

It would be a great pleasure for me to present my third book. This book consists of two types of stories; the first is true, and the second is fictional. I penned down these stories during the lockdown period. True stories are centred on simple people who always serve society without many expectations. I met them and lent my ears to them and their stories. Among these stories, Pankaj Navik, who comes from a small village, struggled initially, but he started working hard not for himself but also others and became successful. Another story, a man Mr Nitin Saindane who comes from Amalner, Maharashtra to Surat after completing his education, hoping he would get a government job. but he faced lots of problems for it. Then he realises his duties towards society and its people. After that, a school named Muskan has been started by him and his colleagues for poor children. In this way, there are such similar short stories which can surely inspire others. Further, these stories greatly inspired me and insisted on the planning of this book. Along with these real stories, adding some fictional short stories are emotionally stirring stories such as Padma Masi, Raahi, A day in the life of an accountant, and Life is short etc. While taking it down, I felt to share with people. So that they will get inspiration and like moving on in their lives. It is my purpose to make this book titled From Dark to Light. During this journey, I had lots of support from my family members, friends and teachers. They brought to my notice stories such as Muskaan School, Guruji-Dattu Marathe, Govardhan dada, Auto rickshaw drivers driving social problems, Social catalysts and others’. Therefore, I am very thankful to them. Hence, I request the readers to share their views regarding this book. I will be happy if I receive any suggestions or feedback. At last, I thank God for showering his unending blessing. Without Him, I could not have done the work and never felt blessed.


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